The vines in the Bairrada region are grown generally on flat land in a region that is a major red wine producer of Portugal which is located on the coastal plain lying slightly inland from the sea to the town of Aveiro, and then south down to the town of Coimbra. The red wine produced here is noted for its smoothness and suavity, deep in colour and full-bodied, acquiring a brownish hue as it ages. The white wines are fairly robust, fruity with a hint of lemon. The rosé ranges in colour and are fresh and fruity. Sparkling wines are produced in white and rosé and range from “Brut” to “Medium Dry”. For traditionalists the grape of choice in the Bairrada region is Baga; a grape variety notoriously difficult to ripen, which needs lots of aging to round off, usually in the local wood type barrels rather than American or French oak, but the hard work is worth it by far and comes recommended: the older the better.

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