A long, thin region running up the Atlantic coast from the capital Lisboa, formerly known as Estremadura. Famous for it’s medieval castles and legendary tales of heroism but, most importantly, considered a mecca for Portuguese wine back in the 19th century. Stretching along the Atlantic coast, the Lisboa wine region is the second largest wine producing region in Portugal, covering approximately 311,000 hectoliters in 2006. The landscape contains everything from undulating lush green terrains to steep and desolate mountain ranges of Candeeiros and Montejunto; it’s a place you want to rent a car and get lost in. The Vinho Regional Lisboa incorporates nine DOC regions making it the most confusing of all Portugal’s wine regions for the non-Portuguese consumer. Generally known and appreciated usually in terms of volume if nothing else have been overthrown by some new impressive wines emerging at both the quality and volume ends of the market. As in the Tejo region ( formally known as Ribatejo), it’s not uncommon to find international grape varieties planted here.

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