Porttable Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Premium

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Porttable's Premium Olive Oil is an extra virgin olive oil, with no additives or preservatives, with an acidity lower than 0,4 %. Possesses a greenish colour, a very fresh and fruity flavour which is a result of a harmonious combination between the spicy and the bitter, typical of olives that are harvested early in the season. It's chemical characteristics are in accordance with the (CE) Regulations n.o 2568/91 and alterations.

Analytical Data

0.1% less than Maximum Oleic Acidity less than 0.4%
3 less than Peroxid less than 10
K232 less than 2
K270 less than 0.2
ΔK less than 0.01
Waxes less than 150

Grape Varieties

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